Launches News and Community Website to Feature Start-Ups, Growing Businesses and Innovative Groups

JCN Newswire / 2012年7月25日 20時7分

Winnipeg, Manitoba, July 25, 2012 - (JCN Newswire) -, a dynamic new multimedia company that brings entrepreneurs, companies and great ideas together to tell their stories, is pleased to announce the end of their beta test and the official launch of its website. Through insightful interviews,columns and reports, shares fascinating insights into the pursuit of success while conveying the stories of inspired companies and not-for-profit groups.

From its own state-of-the-art multimedia studio,'s video and print journalists interview the leaders of innovative companies, experts and best-selling authors from around the world. Kidela offers free access to breaking news and comprehensive reports that clearly explain the essentials about what is happening and also offers a moderated discussion forum where entrepreneurs, investors, customers and experts discuss topics of interest, offer assistance and share ideas.

Kidela has also created a free, yet valuable, profile page section where members (e.g. individuals, businesses, experts and authors) who have created a profile page - can receive email requests for more information about their companies, post images, videos, PowerPoint and PDFs presentations they want to share.

Michael Hyatt, author of the best-selling book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World and a top blogger for productivity, leadership, publishing, and social media marketing, is one of the featured experts on the site. "Profile pages such as those found on Kidela are an excellent way to compliment your current platform by increasing visibility to your existing and potential supporters," said Hyatt.

"We want to thank the many people who have provided us with tremendous feedback during our betalaunch. Their input on how to enhance our website has allowed us to broaden the range of our services. Soon, more of these great ideas will be added to our offerings," said Rob Ranson,'s Founder and President. "We want to give a voice to the fascinating stories that aren't yet receiving their deserved attention. will serve as a launching pad for the people behind the next great idea. Just like many of our featured stories, we're just getting started - and our future looks particularly bright."

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