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760,000 Members Worldwide: InterNations Has Set Foot in Every Country; With InterNations, Say Good-Bye to the Struggle for a New Social Life Abroad

Munich, Germany, Mar 5, 2013 - (JCN Newswire) - Founded in 2007 by three friends in Munich, Germany, InterNations is today the Survival Kit N degrees 1 for expatriates worldwide. Its aim is to render life abroad easier through social integration. InterNations is multifaceted and offers networking possibilities both online and offline. It mainly provides expatriates with all the information they might require prior to their expatriation or once in their new environment.

Mark, an American engineer, was transferred for a project to Beijing. Five days after his arrival, he started suffering from an acute tooth ache. He described his state as being unbearable. "I hadn't started work yet, had hardly started settling in and knew nobody in the city. And of course, I didn't speak any Mandarin. I urgently needed an English-speaking dentist. The InterNations platform was a life saver! I posted my request in its local forum and was amazed how responsive and approachable the members were."

The editorial "country and city guides" provide reliable information about the country the expats are going to be or are living in. In forums and online discussion groups, members can also share their experiences and give valuable tips on how to better settle in abroad, in their new surroundings. Important information, such as international schools, hospitals or restaurants, is also recommended.

InterNations' big success is closely linked to its providing its members with an exclusive international environment, at 320 global monthly events. Networking happens live, and new friendships are immediately made. The members can also get together in smaller "Activity Groups" according to their interests and needs (e.g. professional networking, family and kids, sports, etc.).

About InterNations

Based in Munich, InterNations ( ) is the largest expatriate network worldwide. The "invitation-only community" facilitates life abroad and connects all "global minds" in a network of personal trust. At monthly events and activities, over 760,000 members can meet in over 360 cities worldwide to get to know other global minds. In forums and discussion boards members exchange tips about living abroad. An editorial "country and city guide" provides expats with valuable information regarding their new place of residence.

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