ddp images, Picture Press, airmotion, ddp direct, spot on news, and Sipa Not Affected by Bankruptcy Proceedings

JCN Newswire / 2012年10月5日 10時15分

BERLIN, GERMANY, Oct 5, 2012 - (JCN Newswire) - In order to clarify reports concerning the dapd news agency's preliminary bankruptcy proceedings, the parent company dapd media holding AG is announcing that 18 of its subsidiary companies are not affected. This includes subsidiaries from several divisions, including photo (ddp images, Picture Press and SIPA USA), automotive and web content (airmotion and News Right Management), public relations (ddp direct) and entertainment news (spot on news). The French news agency group SIPA News remains completely unaffected as well.

The preliminary bankruptcy proceedings do affect dapd's eight Berlin-based companies. The news agency dapd is to continue its work as before.

About dapd media holding

The dapd media holding AG is an independent international news agency group with headquarters in Berlin and Munich. The leading German agencies dapd, ddp images, Picture Press, Airmotion and ddpdirect are among its subsidiaries. These supply around 700 clients with texts on current topics, as well as current and historical pictures. Its clients include a majority of German daily newspapers, numerous magazines, online media, television and radio broadcasters, political parties and governments. In July 2011 dapd media holding took over the French photo agency Sipa Press, founded in 1973, which delivers 6,000 pictures to clients in more than 40 countries. After the takeover of Diora News and AP France SIPA will start a news agency in France.

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