DS-Concept Looks Back at a Successful Year 2012

JCN Newswire / 2012年12月19日 12時16分

DS-Concept, Specialist for International Trade Financing Has Shown Considerable Growth in 2012 Once Again

MONCHENGLADBACH, GERMANY, Dec 19, 2012 - (JCN Newswire) - German Trade Financer DS-Concept has once more managed to strengthen its position in its key markets. "Our existing offices have exceeded expectations by showing an average growth of 20% on turnover," says Ansgar Hutten, CEO of DS-Concept Factoring GmbH in Mochengladbach, Germany ( http://www.ds-concept.net). "In addition to our growth abroad, we noticed a considerable increase in terms of customers and turnover in the European Union as well though, particularly here in Germany. Many new exporters as well as importers are benefiting from the use of our services. Our purchase order financing in particular, was very well received this year."

Chris Chang, CEO of DS-Concept Factoring Inc., New York and DS-Concept's Chief Representative in China is looking with satisfaction at the company's newest expansion: the representative office in Shanghai. "In the first two months of business we have already had our first successes by closing six deals with a total factoring volume of approximately 20 million USD per year. These deals confirm us in our decision to venture into the Chinese market."

The trade finance services offered by DS-Concept are especially popular with export-oriented medium-sized enterprises, as there are often insurmountable obstacles in obtaining funds from banks. This is where DS-Concept steps in. In addition to providing liquidity, the purchased receivables are also credit insured to provide the exporter with added protection in international business ( http://www.ds-concept.net/en/leistungen/ ).

"Once again I'd like to thank all of our employees world-wide, for this successful year," continues Mr. Hutten, "we are looking forward to writing another chapter in the success story of DS-Concept in 2013 together."

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