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株式会社BIGFACE(東京都中央区銀座)とバングラデシュ法人Structured Data Systems Limited(ダッカ、バングラデシュ)、スマホアプリ及びWEBシステム開発における包括的業務提携に合意

@Press / 2012年9月24日 9時30分

2012年9月6日、株式会社BIGFACE(東京都中央区銀座、代表取締役:水野 英明、以下 BIGFACE)と、世界市場に向けたスマホアプリ開発に実績を有するバングラデシュ法人Structured Data Systems Limited(ダッカ、CEO:Reffat Zaman、以下 SDSL)は、世界展開を前提としたスマホアプリ、WEBシステム開発事業における包括的な業務提携をすることに合意、調印いたしました。



■BIGFACE サービス概要

■Structured Data Systems Limited会社概要
会社名 : Structured Data Systems Limited
所在地 : House No. 6/2, Block B Lalmatia, Dhaka 1207 Bangladesh
代表者 : Reffat Zaman (CEO)
設立  : 1996年8月
資本金 : 5,50,000.00 BDT(通過単位=バングラデシュ タカ)
従業員数: 62人
URL   : http://sdslbd.com/
事業内容: スマホアプリ開発: iPhone、Android、Windows Mobile、BlackBerry、WEBシステムソフト開発、地理情報システム開発、オンライン広告管理システム開発など。

BIGFACE Co., Ltd. (located in Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan) has formed a comprehensive business alliance regarding development of smart phone apps and web systems, with the Bangladeshi firm Structured Data Systems Limited (located in Dhaka, Bangladesh)

On September 6th, 2012, BIGFACE Co., Ltd. (located in Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo; representative director Hideaki Mizuno) has formed a comprehensive business alliance regarding development of smart phone apps and web systems designed for global distribution, with the Bangladeshi firm Structured Data Systems Limited (located in Dhaka, Bangladesh; CEO Reffat Zaman; SDSL below) which is renowned for developing globally distributed smart phone apps.

Whilst planning and production of Japanese domestic television programs remains to be the core business of BIGFACE, we have expanded our sphere to license management of animations and games, web design, smart phone app development, format development and international distribution of television programming concepts. We aim to create and distribute content even further for the global market, starting in Asia, regarding web development, smart phone app development and internet delivery of various creative contents. Hence, for this goal to promote our internationalization, we have came to the conclusion that it is imperative to secure and foster talented programmers and system engineers overseas.

Due to the increase in number of IT venture businesses and overheated head hunting competition by major companies, BIGFACE has shifted its focus toward overseas and formed a business alliance with SDSL, a firm boasting an agile and firm development platform, with a vast array of international clients from countries such as the United States, Australia, South Africa, Germany and the Netherlands. We are sure that this will enhance our creativity and accelerate our global expansion. BIGFACE also plans to swiftly acquire trends and demands of the international market by having such overseas hubs, in order to improve the quality of our services.

■Service (product) outline
In addition to planning and producing television programs, formats and smart phone apps corresponding to the shows, BIGFACE will begin to distribute original digital content. Furthermore, we will orchestrate synergy between our Japan-based creativity and SDSL’s development know-how regarding the global market, aiming to promote development and distribution of internationally distributable services, while facilitating personnel exchange at many levels. Our first collaborative smart phone app is scheduled to be released mid-October this year for Android users. We also plan to release 5 smart phone apps (iPhone and Android) within the year, and for web system development, we are producing/ developing a web content site for not only Japanese but international viewers.

■Structured Data Systems Limited company outline
Company name : Structured Data Systems Limited
Address    : House No. 6/2, Block B Lalmatia, Dhaka 1207 Bangladesh
Represented by: Reffat Zaman (CEO)
Founded    : August 1996
Capital    : 5,50,000.00 BDT
Employees   : 62 people
URL      : http://sdslbd.com/
Business   : Smart phone app development (iPhone, Android Windows Mobile, BlackBerry), web system software development, geographical information software development, online advertisement management system development, et cetera.