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S&P Affirms Capital Servicing with their Highest Servicer Rating

On September 20th, Standard & Poor's ("S&P") affirmed Capital Servicing Co., Ltd. ("Capital Servicing") with their highest ranking of "Strong" as a commercial loan special servicer. The outlook on this ranking is "Stable". S&P also re-affirmed Capital Servicing's rating of "Above Average" as a commercial loan primary servicer. The outlook on this ranking is also "Stable". Capital Servicing remains on S&P's "Select Servicers" list.

S&P commented that these ratings are based primarily on "Capital Servicing's proven track record as a commercial loan servicer; efforts to broaden its customer base and boost operational efficiency; its use of highly versatile computer systems to service various kinds of assets; and its established and well-maintained internal controls".

S&P bases its servicer evaluations on an objective and comprehensive assessment of a servicer's operational capabilities for servicing various types of receivables and obligatory rights. Based on the assessment, they assign rankings in the following five categories: Strong, Above Average, Average, Below Average, and Weak.

S&P's full evaluation report for Capital Servicing will be issued within the next few weeks.

About Capital Services Group / Capital Servicing Co., Ltd.

Capital Services Group ("Capital") is an independent asset management specialist with an extensive track record of more than USD 30 billion in loan and real estate assets managed across Asia. Established in 1998, Capital Servicing Co. Ltd. (Servicer License #23), based in Tokyo, Japan, is Capital's flagship operation and is the model for all of its regional operations across Asia and the US. Capital Servicing has extensive experience servicing performing and non-performing loans of all major asset classes including CMBS and RMBS.

For more information on Capital Services Group visit http://www.capserv.com .

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