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[KINIX β版公開!]Meet Kinix, the company aiming to disrupt the $5 Billion fitness app market

PR TIMES / 2021年9月1日 16時15分

The Japanese startup is launching their game Spirit Overflow on Sept 18th

Kinix is a Video game Studio founded in 2020 and headquartered in Tokyo committed to breaking the barriers between e-sports and traditional sports.
Our long-term goal is to become an online game platform that supports physical exercise and positive aging at all ages.
We want to enrich players' lives by creating memorable gaming experiences that motivate them to move. With this, we develop what we call phygital sports that combine entertainment, competition, social interactivity, and exercise.

[画像1: https://prtimes.jp/i/83988/1/resize/d83988-1-1180eab3d6f3986b3a7a-1.png ]

We Make Indoor Games Fun!
We want to make exercising more fun with games. At Kinix, we design games based on the competitive dynamics of e-sports and combine them with a high physical exertion level.

私たちは、エンターテインメント、競争、社会的相互作用、デジタル、運動を組み合わせたFigital Sportsを開発しています。

Our indoor cycling game is designed to attract a broad audience and is easy to learn.

Currently, we are launching our latest game which users can download from Steam or our website from September 18th 2021.

It's a free online multiplayer video game for indoor cycling called Spirit Overflow. With Spirit Overflow, players can turn their indoor cycling stations into video game consoles!
インドア・サイクリング用の無料オンライン・マルチプレイヤー・ビデオ・ゲーム [Spirit Overflow]を使えば、プレイヤーはインドア・サイクリング・ステーションをビデオゲーム・コンソールに変えることができます。
[画像2: https://prtimes.jp/i/83988/1/resize/d83988-1-d8d07270cb270b988001-0.jpg ]

Spirit Overflow is an online multiplayer video game for indoor cycling that uses the smart bike trainer's data to propel the character and increase or increase resistance depending on game events and the mobile phone to support steering, creating an immersive Phygital sport experience.
[Spirit Overflow]は、インドア・サイクリングのためのオンライン・マルチプレイヤー・ビデオゲームです。
[画像3: https://prtimes.jp/i/83988/1/resize/d83988-1-3918d7b97b82611190db-3.png ]

How to Play
Spirit Overflow allows players to compete in teams for territory and challenge other riders in online multiplayer battles. Every ride is an intense 3v3 battle between a cast of unique heroes, each with their skill style.
Spirit Overflowでは、プレイヤー同士がチームで領地を争い、オンラインマルチプレイヤーバトルで他のライダーに挑戦し、それぞれのスキルスタイルを持つ個性的なヒーローたちによる3対3の激しいバトルが繰り広げられます。

Meanwhile, Spirit Overflow is constantly evolving, with more heroes, characters, designs, items, maps, and game modes coming soon.
また、『Spirit Overflow』は常に進化しており、ヒーロー、キャラクター、デザイン、アイテム、マップ、ゲームモードなどが続々と登場します。
[画像4: https://prtimes.jp/i/83988/1/resize/d83988-1-9fc67a7b9244d578324d-2.png ]

Previous Projects
We have participated and collaborated with different people and events on various projects. Some of our recent projects include:

・Plug and Play
In Feb 2021, we collaborated with Plug and Play, an accelerator program in Japan. We were among the recruited start-ups who worked on game designing using the Unity Game Development platform. Our role involved designing readable codes, implementing characters and visual effects, implementing game functionality, and fixing bugs.
2021年2月、私たちは日本のアクセラレータープログラムであるPlug and Playとコラボレーションしました。採用されたスタートアップ企業の中で、ゲーム開発プラットフォーム「Unity」を使ったゲームデザインに取り組みました。私たちの役割は、読みやすいコードの設計、キャラクターや視覚効果の実装、ゲーム機能の実装、バグの修正でした。

・Science Museum
In May 2021, we participated in an exhibition on the future of sports in the Minato science museum to showcase how we took advantage of technological advancement. At Kinix, our goal isn't just to create fun but to build commitment to the academia and science sectors while at it.

・Osaka 2025 Expo
In March 2021, we worked in ideation for the coming Osaka 2025 expo, which has the theme "Designing Future Society for Our Lives." This Expo hopes to bring together people from different countries to share innovations that will improve society.
2021年3月、私たちは、"Designing Future Society for Our Lives "をテーマにした、来るべき大阪2025年の博覧会のアイデア出しを行いました。このエキスポでは、さまざまな国の人々が集まり、社会を改善するためのイノベーションを共有したいと考えています。

・Change Tomorrow Tokyo Expo
In June 2021, we participated in an expo that highlights futuristic projects for a smart city concept. Our involvement helped in developing an innovative approach to sports gaming and technology. We made exercise easier and fun with our innovation by allowing people to enjoy playing games and exercising simultaneously.

・iU collaboration
In early 2020 we started to test on a younger demographic. We are collaborating with iU University in Tokyo to help us achieve this goal. We focus on four main categories: game testing, Social media content creation, distribution, and public relations.

The Future of Spirit Overflow
This is just the beginning of Spirit Overflow. We have plans and ideas, including creating a Spirit overflow league where people compete and win real prizes. This online game will operate as a SaaS, and we would continue updating the game with new maps, new characters with skill, new skins, and digital cosmetics.
これはSpirit Overflowの始まりに過ぎません。競い合って本物の賞品を獲得するスピリット・オーバーフロー・リーグの創設などの計画やアイデアがあります。このオンラインゲームは、SaaSとして運営され、新しいマップ、スキルを持った新しいキャラクター、新しいスキン、デジタルコスメなどのアップデートを続けていきます。

The Future of Kinix
At Kinix, we want to continue making unique and exciting games that combine physical sports with e-games. The Kinix app will become a digital platform for playing, discussing, and creating a wide range of physically active video games. Our platform will connect to different smart fitness equipment and turn them into game consoles so users can browse and play the games they like and exercise while at it.

Besides producing active games, we will create a way that allows 3rd party developers to make and publish their active games on our platform by giving them the necessary tools to create content for the supported equipment. At Kinix, we are always looking at the future and can't wait to develop exciting games by taking advantage of emerging technology.

Our People
Kinix is an international team of innovators, designers, and engineers passionate about e-gaming and looking to create members from all over the world. Here are some members of our leadership team:

・Felipe Guarin
Felipe Guarin is CEO of Kinix and also the founder of the award-winning design studio called Whatever Works. He is from Colombia.
フェリペ・グアリンは、KinixのCEOであると同時に、受賞歴のあるデザインスタジオ「Whatever Works」の創設者でもあります。コロンビア出身です。

・Rico Zhou
Rico Zhou is the chief game designer, graphic designer, and product designer from China.
Rico Zhouは、中国出身のチーフゲームデザイナー、グラフィックデザイナー、プロダクトデザイナーです。

・Ryoichi Ando
Ando is the Executive Managing Director of Kinix. He is from Japan.
安藤は、KinixのExecutive Managing Directorです。日本出身です。

・Marcelo Macieira
Marcelo is the CTO of Kinix from Brazil.

We have assembled a board of advisors that we are very proud of.
Here they are:
・Hiroyuki Kishi
Business advisor
・Mathew Waldman
Design Advisor
・Ichiya Nakamura
Collaboration advisor

[動画: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwBHN_8WS3U ]